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Nanaimo Part Time Permaculture Design Certificate

Repeats every 2 weeks until Mon May 30 2011 . Also includes Sat May 28 2011.
Mar 26 2011 (All day) - Mar 27 2011 (All day)
Apr 9 2011 (All day) - Apr 10 2011 (All day)
Apr 23 2011 (All day) - Apr 24 2011 (All day)
May 7 2011 (All day) - May 8 2011 (All day)
May 21 2011 (All day) - May 22 2011 (All day)
May 28 2011 (All day) - May 29 2011 (All day)



This Course is In Session


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Here’s an incredible opportunity to join the growing movement of Permaculture and become a positive agent of change.


“What permaculturists are doing is

the most important activity

that any group is doing on the



David Suzuki  



"I got more out of spending one hour listening to Javan and Brandon's presentation than I did spending 6 hours reading Mollison's book."



After numerous requests to host a Permaculture Design Certificate in Nanaimo, we are excited to respond to the community by offering this weekend course starting in March 2011.

We are looking forward to seeing you there…


Permaculture is not organic gardening, nor catching rainwater, it is understanding the relationships that create abundance and designing them into our landscapes for sustainable human habitat. Through relevant classroom settings, instructional theory creating solid design processes and hands-on activities that refine critical thinking skills we arm students with the necessary skills to build food security, stronger community and resilient lifestyles.


We specialize in experiential education focusing on strong design principles, building muscle memory through multiple hands on activities provides students with not only the critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate and design but also the skills to implement.

 Bill Mollison Permaculture A Designer's Manual

Taught in an urban setting this full 72 hour course is based on the curriculum created by Bill Mollison in Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual. From this course you will acquire the skills and abilities to begin critically evaluating any site from windowsills to rolling hills. Taking “sustainability” from an abstract concept into concrete positive action - benefiting you and the world at large. 



Delivered over 6 weekends this course caters to urban students with time constrictions. This part time format provides time for students to digest and integrate the incredible amount of knowledge provided with two-week comprehension breaks between sessions spread over March, April and May:


Week 1: March 26-27

Week 2: April 9-10

Week 3: April 23-24 

Week 4: May 7-8

Week 5: May 21-22

Week 6: May 28-29 (celebration and party the evening of Saturday May 28th)


Each weekend will follow this schedule:

Saturday 9am sharp – 5pm Potluck Dinner, evening session ends at 9pm

Sunday 9am sharp – 5pm


Prepare yourself for class with good rest, nutritious food, plenty of water and a desire to learn. Participants will need to bring lunch for both days and a potluck item for Saturday’s potluck dinner between the afternoon and evening sessions.



All in-class instruction will be hosted onsite at Pacific Gardens Co-Housing Community in Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


Permaculture BC is excited to be partnering with Pacific Gardens. Experiencing the Permaculture Design Certificate within a community dedicated to food security, building social capital and now Permaculture brings the student into a working community model of Permaculture. Reinforcing just how applicable and practical Permaculture really is.


Visiting and analyzing examples in the field of Permaculture compliments the theoretical principles, concepts and design strategies outlined in-class. Field excursion locations and dates will be announced in class.



“We are only limited by information and our imagination.”

Bill Mollison - Permaculture Founder


Early Bird Registration 

$1099 + HST before March 1st

Regular Registration 

$1199 + HST after March 1st


Payment can be made in full using credit card. Click on the Add to Cart button below or contact us for alternative payment methods. A non-refundable $150 deposit will reserve your spot. Click here to learn more about our refund policy.


Course fees include all classroom instruction, design activities, hands on exercises and skill instruction, guest instructors and the essential text Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual by Bill Mollison.


Students are expected to arrive at class or to field excursion locations by their own means. We encourage ride-sharing where possible.


Your Instructors:


Lead Discovery Guide

Brandon Bauer has been studying Permaculture for 16 years and is actively applying Permaculture on various sites on Salt Spring Island and abroad.  Over the last 8 years he has participated in teaching Permaculture Design Courses at O.U.R. Ecovillage,  Bullock Brother’s Permaculture Homestead, UBC and at  Blue Raven Farm.  He is a naturalist, organic farmer, biodiversity specialist, seed saver, herbalist, and soil scientist.  He is the co-creator of The Blue Raven Permaculture Farm on Salt Spring Island.  He is currently working with Salt Spring Seeds and Anderson Greenplan.


What past students have said about Brandon:

“Woah! I could only ask more and more.”

“You are one of the most inspirational teachers.“

“Your palpable positive energy made me feel like anything I wanted to try would be possible! Good balance of theory and hands on!"

“Brandon blew my mind.”

“Empowering + inspirational. Lives what he is talking about - embodies it.”

“Such a wealth of knowledge, passion, inclusive, hands-on, heart. Thank-you.”

“Favourite day. SO inspiring - I want to be his groupie!”

“Solid mastery of the material!”

“Mind blowing paradigm shifter.”

“Obscene amount of knowledge of species, concepts & application.”

“Please bring him back at all costs! Brilliant man!”

“…wow, wow, wow…”

“This guy is a great model for fatherhood and is a permaculture ROCK STAR with humility.”

"Awesome, epic!”


Co-Discovery Guide and Course Organizer

Javan Kerby Bernakevitch is driven to provide the right balance of theory, practical experience and integration of community to ensure students retain, use and leave Permaculture BC’s educational opportunities prepared and inspired to take positive action.


“Love you’re efficiency + 'get to it'-ness.”

“Entertaining, and extremely knowledgeable and passionate. Good great brilliant teacher.”


Versed in construction, natural building, environmental education, group facilitation and organic gardening Javan offers a unique balance of content-focused education with student-centered learning. His recent work experience includes working with One United Resource Ecovillage as a Permaculture practitioner and educator producing bio-regionally appropriate greywater and natural building systems. He is currently working with Food Forest expert Richard Walker on a large commercial Permaculture landscape; and a book on Permaculture Design.


“Knowledge combined with clear communication, humour and connection.”

“Really want to mention Javan again as I found his teaching to be the most interesting , entertaining, and concise. Very effective educator.”


Javan continually aspires to spread the lessons of Permaculture through Vancouver Island Permaculture Community and Meetup Group and articles for Urban Garden and other publications. He received his Permaculture Instructors Certificate from Jude Hobbs Cascadia Permaculture Institute and his Permaculture Design Certificate at OUR Ecovillage.

"I cannot save the world alone. It will take at least three of us.”

Bill Mollison - Permaculture Founder

Mollison Observe and InteractCourse Content:

This Permaculture Design Certificate will be buffet of sustainable practical tools and design processes. You’ll be able to sample, learn about, and in many cases experience first hand the skills and tools to critically look small at sites see opportunities to harmonize with the existing systems to create human and environmental abundance.


This is an information and skill intensive course. Through slide presentations, lecture, practical hands-on activities, design exercises, field trips and direct observations your PDC with Resilience Permaculture will cover the following topics:



Permaculture ethics and principles

Design methodologies


Pattern recognition

Reading the landscape



Swales and Keyline design


Wetlands and ponds

Rain Water Catchment

Water Filtration

Waste Water Treatment Systems


Sustainable Energy Systems

Windbreaks and hedgerows

Organic Landscape Management

Design for catastrophe


Home Gardening

Soils biology


Fruits and nuts

Plant propagation, inc: seeds, cuttings and grafting

Forest gardens


Alternative building

Animal Systems

Urban Permaculture




Renewable Fuel Production

Village design

Alternative economics

Team design projects




After this course not only will you have the ability to understand what the elements within a desire are but more importantly how they interact with each other to create abundance.

 Permaculture Design and Education

Graduates of PDCs comment that they see the world anew. Leaving the course with the ability to critically view “problems” and laterally design positive solutions. Permaculture graduates see the what, why, when and how to design for the needs of themselves or clients.


Past graduates have rapidly advanced in green enterprise, social initiatives and community building. Integrating advanced Permaculture techniques graduates quickly become pioneers in city retrofit, urban gardening, soil biology and more.


Take the Permaculture Design Certificate and become involved in positive action based solutions for a sustainable future. It's the swiss army knife of sustainability, ever useful and ever ready.




In Session





Price: $1,099.00

Permaculture is a science based ethical design system. Used to answer the all encompassing question "How do we live sustainably?" Founded in three ethics -  Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share practitioners of permaculture use nature inspired design with tools and methods based in science, engineering, agriculture, finances, community building to create sustainable regenerative human habitat. This design system uses organic agriculture, urban farming, regenerative design, and many other ways of knowing to teach and provide a practical framework for individuals to take responsibility for themselves, their children and their community.