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A Victorian Summer Evening with Food Forester Richard Walker

Food Forestry, Permaculture
Jun 15 2012 - 06:30

Dudes, Dudettes and those inbetween,Richard Walker Food Forest Permaculture




Richard Walker's Victoria workshop sold out in 5 days?



I guess that just goes to show how super amazing and timely the topic of food security is. Not to mention that Food Forests produce more over time and take less effort to maintain (hello lazy gardener!).

If you'd like to immerse yourself into Food Forestry with Richard, check out his Victoria Workshop or Ashcroft Workshop or arrange a Site Consultation and contact us.


Organic Farming Food Security

Due to the overwhelming response to Richard's workshop we're offering a little appetizer, a tasty treat and every penny of the event is going to Victoria's own Food Forest - Spring Ridge Commons and the budding Vancouver Island Permaculture Community Group. Yup, it's a FUN-drasier.


Click here to learn more about Richard Walker

That's right you get a few hours of learning from Mr. Walker and get to help out local food forestry all by bringing yourself and a friend to an evening of fan-fruiting-tastic food forestry fun [and no we won't ask you to say this 4 time fast to get in, however now that I think about it I could just for kicks :) ]. 


Here's the skinny...



Fernwood Community Centre 

1240 Gladstone Avenue, 
Victoria, BC V8T 1G6

Free parking is available on both sides of the street in front of the community centre. There is also free parking on Pembroke St on the side next to William Stevenson Park. There are a couple parking lots on Gladstone Avenue that are connected to Victoria High School. These may be free in the evening and could also be used.




First come, first seats.

There are no reservations or advanced tickets.


If you'd like to get a sense of how many folk are interested at this point a Facebook Event page has been set up.

An Evening with Food Forester Richard Walker: Gardening for 1000 Years


The venue, Richard and Permaculture BC are all donating their time and resources for this evening. Big thanks goes out to Fernwood NRG and Richard Walker for what proves to be a big night of Food Forestry and Community.


Mulch Forest Garden Soil Food Web
Richard will give a 1 1/2 hour talk on food forests and why they are such an essential piece of food sovereignty (and why they're wicked cool) and then 30 whole minutes for questions on everything from why your 10 year old plum tree looks so weary to what's the 4 most valuable medicinal plants to grow.

Remember Richard's course sold out in 5 days, if you're interested in the talk best to show up early with cookies to brib the door man. Or bring them just to share, community style.

Show up early and bring your community spirit. 


Super complex Corporate Profit Sharing Scheme


1/3 to Spring Ridge Commons - Victoria's Premier Food Forest

1/3 to Vancouver Island Permaculture Community Group - Connecting Permaculture Teachers and Students

1/3 to Make the Event Happen


That's it folks, make sure to get there early, bring a friend, or bring a first blind date and if it goes well you've probably have a partner for life!


Who wouldn't want a partner who food forests?

If you'd like to immerse yourself into Food Forestry with Richard, check out his Victoria Workshop or Ashcroft Workshop or arrange a Site Consultation and contact us.



You are going to have such a good time...

Treefully Yours,


Javan "Food Forests Forever" Bernakevitch


Click here to learn more about:

Spring Ridge Commons Community Food Forest in Victoria, BC

Victoria Food Forestry Workshop June

Ashcroft, BC Food Forestry Workshop June

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