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Rocket Stove: Mass and Water Heater Workshop

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Sep 3 2011 - 08:00 - Sep 5 2011 - 17:00

Heat. heat

It's one of humanity's basic survival needs. Like water, shelter, food and community, Heat is a need that must be satisfied for human life. And so the question is, how do you WANT to heat yourself and your family? In 2011 there are a few, expensive options to heat our lives. All with a high economic, ecological and carbon footprint.

That's a lot of time, money and energy just to create heat.

But... what if there was some magical device that could keep you warm without huge installation and fuel costs?

Something that not only could you find local resources, you could make yourself a heating source that took 1/2 the resources, time, money and energy to create/purchase and 1/4 of the fuel to keep you warm per year?

Does such a mechanism exist? 

Is this more Harry Potter than Albert Einstein?


And it's not rocket science either.

It's a rocket stoves.

NUTS and BOLTS for Rocket Stove, Mass Heater, Water Heater Workshop


September 3,4 & 5 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) 2011, Full days  


Mossy Banks Homestead, 8000 Richards Trail, North Cowichan, Vancouver Island, BC Canada



This includes 3 meals a day, camping, all building and instructional materials 

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In 2006 Ianto Evans of the Cob Cottage Company (who helped revive the natural building movement) published a seminal work in home heating that was the culmination of disobeying his mother and more then a few lost eyebrows - Rocket Mass Heaters

These incredible devices provide heat in a form that is effective and efficient at heating our families and our homes and has been studied by some of the top minds of regenerative sustainable living.

Henry Stanley of Portland Oregon, has been working with Rocket Mass Heaters and Stoves for the last 5 years, a student of Ernie Wisner. Installing more then 20 of these easy to source, construct and maintain heaters Henry is craftsman of provide heat on the cheap.

Here's an excerpt from Ernie's website about Rocket Stoves:

Rocket Mass Heaters are a specialized adaptation of several concepts that are well worth knowing in their own right.  Consider visiting the Fire Science section for the long story.

  • Heat people and things, not space.  Masonry or water holds hundreds of times more heat than air, stores it longer, and releases it at safer temperatures for household comfort.  Mass can be heated by sun, by geothermal, water or steam, fire or flue gas.
  • Smoke is wasted fuel.  It's also poisonous.  Good mixing, high-temperature combustion, and the right balance of draft and drag create a clean-burning, efficient stove.  Efficient stoves use less wood, as well as promoting healthy air for everyone in the neighborhood.
  • Clean fire needs tending.   Staying warm all night is a major safety concern with solid-fuel devices. Smoldering 'banked' fires put out smoke and carbon monoxide, and increase the risk of conflagration.  Mass heaters solve this problem by burning quick and clean, storing heat in inert mass, not smoldering wood.
  • Waste into Resource: Rocket Mass Heaters are designed around common, affordable materials that can be down-cycled from the waste stream, or obtained in almost any location at 'dirt cheap' prices.  Scrap metal forms, earthen masonry, earth-friendly and low-impact technology that will last for decades.
  • Passive Comfort is Awesome: The fire roars merrily in its insulated chamber, fuel feeds itself slowly downward, and the masonry soaks up the heat and transfers it slowly toward your feet, butt, or other appreciative surfaces.  Radiant heat from the metal surfaces provides instant gratification, while stored heat warms the house gently like a spring thaw.  No moving parts, minimal wood-prep and cleaning, and very low risk of creosote or chimney problems.

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Held at Mossy Banks Homestead, this course is set in the ideal location where regular folk are using the principles of permaculture to have a happy, wealthy and healthy life. It's a place were a rocket mass heater will mean the ability to take a renewable fuel heated shower as opposed to a non-renewable heated shower.

A place where people are attempting to answer the fundamental questions of the universe: How do homo sapians enjoy the luxury of a hot shower without non-renewable fuels and technologies?

That is one of the universal questions.

In 3 days students will learn the theory behind rocket stoves, how to source and lay out materials, test, build and complete a rocket mass heater PLUS (and this is the amazing bonus) how to add a hot water jacket to the rocket mass heater to create hot water. For the workshop this heat will be for a on site shower and tub.

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After 3 days of true hands on work, you'll walk away with the fundamentals to make rocket mass heaters, with the experience to replicate one of your own.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to build a rocket stove.

Nor does it take a lot to see this weekend workshop will be an amazing opportunity to have an instructor on Vancouver Island with this level of experience on rocket stoves. Henry's bringing the heat to our ocean isle.

Come and learn this easy, inexpensive and fun way to build your own heating system and walk away feeling inspired with the experience and tools to make your own.

Due to the nature of this workshop class size is limited.

If you want to guarantee your space in this HOT workshop (so punny) register early and bring a friend... much more enjoyable to learn with a spouse, friend, first date... etc...

It would make for steamy first date... okay that was the last pun I promise.

To learn more about Rocket Stoves click here.

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